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TimeTracker 2014 Professional Edition

TimeTracker enables you to track time spent on various projects & tasks, project cost, expenses, employee
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26 December 2014

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This is a time sheet program.

This tool will let you streamline and automate timesheet, expense and leave management. That could easily lead to substantial savings to your operating expenses. Often, it is difficult to determine if people are working on priority or non-priority issues. Timesheet management lets you view employee activities completely and allocate resources based on what priority you determine. Those, obviously are guided by visons, organization plans, etc. and the desire to achieve them quickly. The old tools like the Excel has not evolved as much to handle what you need in an effective time-sheet. This is tool suitable for service organizations like consulting companies, BPOs, accounting and auditing, IT, contractor and others such. They will be able to plan their time more effectively and bill their clients accordingly. Besides log-in and log-out time, exact times spent by employees on various tasks can be recorded during the office hours.

You would thus be able to prioritize your work and utilize your time in a better way leading towards increase in overall productivity. With employees maintaining their timesheets, leave and expenses, data can be collected and viewed by approving authorities and get a picture of the organization efficiency, health and effectiveness. This includes an accurate picture of how the cost a particular project is piling up. These details will be useful at the time of billing too and avoid any disputes with the customer. Relevant documents could be attached so that you would not have difficulty in finding it later in the project cycle.

Publisher's description

Timetracker automates and simplifies time, expense and leave management process which otherwise is challenging task for project managers and coordinators.
Time tracker is highly suitable for SME's working on multiple projects, as well as those who would like to better manage their time and resources.
This edition is available for trial use with a cap of 10 entries.
TimeTracker is suitable for professional service and consulting firms such as Advertising,Software development company, BPO, Designing firms, Contractors, legal advisors, accounting and auditing, architect etc
Time Tracker offers key benefits that enables you to lessen administrative task and considerably save time and cost such as
- increase the productivity by measuring time spent on various task and projects and take timely measures.
- Simple and easy to use interface requires minimal training.
- Presents minute details in the timesheet such as working hours, leave taken, public holidays, weekly holidays, half days along with log-in and log-out time.
-Hierarchical control enables authorization of employee timesheet, leave and expenses thus ensuring a proper process.
-Compare actual Project cost vs budgeted
-Helps to anticipate project cost over runs well in advance
-Effortless customer billing due to ready availability of figures and details.
-Helps in prioritizing and realigning the work and resources on the basis of criticality.
-Leave management with authorization is automated hence no need to maintain manual leave cards or mail request.
-Expense management is made easier which enables to track project/task related expenses.
-Monthly/Weekly reviews can happen faster
Time Tracker also offers the flexibility to host data on your private Network or in Cloud
It has a small setup file of approx. 8 MB which can be downloaded from
Installation is quiet easy.
It does not require any registration
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TimeTracker 2014 Professional Edition
TimeTracker 2014 Professional Edition
Version 2014
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